Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I lost Nationals before the Race Began

So, MTB Nationals have fallen off my calendar. And I've gone into a little bit of a funk. The culprit? Our interstate move. Once my wife had accepted her new role back with her former employer, I knew things would get tough in terms of training while trying to pack up our Massachusetts home, sell our Massachusetts home, find a new home in Pennslvania, move into our Pennsylvania home, etc. Throw in taking care of three kids and a dog, no more school to help with the kids, and I seriously considered taking Nats off the calendar myself. But my wife -- saint that she is -- pushed me, encouraged me to do whatever it took to continue training for this event for which I've been training so hard. The final blow came, though, when the movers -- thanks in part to our vacation schedule -- could only get us packed and moved in the days leading up to and including my race. Of course, a responsible adult has to be there during these days -- not sure I qualify, though. We looked into all kinds of scenarios including asking friends and neighbors to oversee the pack and move, Monica flying up for the weekend, me flying down for the race. But in the end, there were far too many logistics and too many favors to call in for a bicycle race. Especially since I don't get paid for this. Especially since I'm not doing as well even in my local and regional races, to justify even dreaming about a podium finish at Nats.

Additionally, I ran it by my coach, thinking perhaps I was just taking the easy way out and should I look at this from a different angle. He said one needs to be at 110% to really compete at Nationals. Given all the stress of the move and worrying about all the logistics necessary just to get me to Bear Creek on race day, he said there'd be no way I'd be anywhere near 100%. He agreed that it wouldn't be positive experience under the circumstances. Sadly, I'm out.

As a result and partly because of the travel and house hunting, I've fallen into a bit of a funk. I've missed more training days than I care to admit, and am wondering just how far I've fallen. Hopefully, once this move is all settled, things will come back quickly. Is it 'cross season yet?

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